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Art Factory Camp & Class Policies

Health Policy

Please do not bring sick children to in-person class. If they arrive showing symptoms of illness, we will notify the parent immediately. One make-up class is offered per month for illness, to be scheduled with your teacher. Mask wearing is optional for staff and students.

No Refund Policy

• No refunds or class-credit is offered for missed days or cancellations (without 30 days notice).

30+ day notice of cancellation incurs a $50 refund fee.

• All weekly class payments are to be made on our website on the 1st of each new month.

  A $20 late fee will be billed for all payments made after the 10th of each month.

Behavior Code

Art Factory Studios (AFS) Community is based on mutual respect. Children are treated with respect and kindness and they are expected to reciprocate this to all the other children and adults in the program.

I understand and agree that children and/or parents who are not following the agreements will be asked to leave the program. TAF reserves the right to refuse service.  Refunds are not given upon dismissal of the program.

To Register

1. Fill out an online registration form and take time to read our policy changes.

2. Purchase registration fee of $30 per student for each class they join (once yearly fee per class).

3. All class payments are to be made online when you receive your email invoice. *A materials fee will be added to your invoice for the first half of the year ad the second half.

4. Late fees are charged for all payments made after the 10th of each month.​

5. 30 day cancellation policy. Once registered, a weekly seat will be saved for your student. Your cancellation is to be made in writing. If submitted without 30 days notice, you will be billed for that month.

Ocean Grove Students:

1. Fill out an online registration form and take time to read our policy changes.​


1. Ocean Grove Home School funds may be applied to all classes.​

2. Ocean Grove ES notes: Please submit a PO for each student on a semester long basis whenever possible, prior to the new month’s start date. 
3. If your child is attending classes at the art factory, please be sure that PO is sent before they attend their first class using the OG funds. If a child attends class without a supporting PO, you will be billed for that class/es. Please be aware of your available funds before sending them to class.​

4. Monthly classes are assumed to run through the duration of the school year. The Art Factory reserves this space for your student. If their spot is not formally cancelled with 30 days notice, you will be billed for it.

*Remember, your spot is not held until we receive full payment and a completed registration form.

Waiver and Release 

As the legal Parent/Guardian, I give my permission/consent for my child to participate in The Art Factory’s camps/classes/workshops, under the following terms:

1. I understand my child will be responsible to abide by the The Art Factory Behavior Code. 

2. I understand that my child may be photographed for publicity purposes (including on the internet). I give TAF the right to use pictures, photographs, video, film, audio recording, and name of my child for lawful purposes and I waive my right to inspect or approve the finished version(s). If you do not want your child’s image to be used contact:

3. I understand that should a medical problem arise, all attempts will be made to notify me or the emergency contact listed as soon as the health of my child permits; by telephone. In the event of an emergency, I give my consent to the physician selected by TAF program staff to secure proper treatment for my child. I accept responsibility for any and all costs of emergency care.

4. I understand the Art Factory's health policies and will comply with all safety protocols and inform the studio if your student has been exposed to Covid 19 or have tested positive for the virus.

5. Your class registration for your student serves as a signature and your understanding of and agreement to all Art Factory policies, effective July, 2023.

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