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Adult Classes

Color Theory

Resuming Sept. 2023 *details coming soon

Birds of the Monterey Bay
Back by popular demand. A course in drawing.

Resuming Sept. 2023 *details coming soon

Drawing and Painting; Gourds 
Resuming Oct. 2023 *details coming soon

Private Lessons
Call to schedule: 831-566-0768

*All classes will be held in our new studio: 7960 Soquel Drive, #D Aptos

Studio Code of Conduct

Parents are a crucial part of our studio community, and we welcome your partnership, feedback and involvement. As a member of the Art Factory Studios community, parents are expected to conduct themselves with respect toward all other members of our community.

At Art Factory Studios, we believe it’s important to:

  • Work in partnership with parents to support their child’s studio experience.

  • Create a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for youth, staff and parents.

  • Demonstrate respectful and appropriate behavior in all communications with students and staff.

We expect parents and other visitors to:

  • Respect the values of Art Factory Studios.

  • Work together with staff in the best interests of all community members.

  • Treat all members of the Art Factory Studios community with respect.

  • Seek a peaceful and reasonable solution to all issues.

Behavior that will not be tolerated:

  • Unreasonable expectations for staff to communicate outside of regular working hours

  • Disrupting, or threatening to disrupt, studio operations  

  • Swearing, or using offensive language

  • Threatening a member of staff, visitor, fellow parent or student

  • Displaying a temper, or shouting at members of staff, students, or other parents

  • Damaging any studio property. 

  • Abusive or threatening e-mails or text/voicemail/phone messages or other written communication 

  • Posting defamatory, offensive or derogatory comments about the studio, its staff or any member of its community, on social media. 

  • Any aggressive behavior (including verbally or in writing) towards any member of the studio community.

  • Disciplining another person’s child.

Should any of the above behavior occur on studio premises, we may take the following actions:

• Ending a meeting if this behavior is displayed

• Not reply to communications that are offensive, abusive or derogatory

• Contact the appropriate authorities 

• Consider banning the adult from entering the studio

Image by Rachael Gorjestani
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