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Creative Shared Experiences

Give the gift of a memorable onsite, virtual or destination art retreat. 

We work with teams of all sizes to curate one-of-a-kind experiences that celebrate your unique style and help you achieve your goals.


Art Factory Studios is a multi-faceted artistic hub. Facilitating creative experiences through education, events and design since 2009, Art Factory Studios creates impactful, artistic opportunities for corporations, adults and children – at in-person, destination and virtual locations. 

Clients include: Apple, Adobe Systems, Applied Survey Research,

Cabrillo College, Premiere Capital One, Safeway, County Park Friends of Santa Cruz County

Featured Projects
Our most requested event themes!


Seasonal Favorites

Gorgeous seasonal themes for winter into spring and beyond. The joy of making and receiving handmade gifts is truly unmatched.

*Shown here: Seaglass Watercolor

Other projects include ceramic culinary herb pullers, air plant hangers and more.


Giving Back

You and your team choose a charity you would like to work with and together we'll create thoughtful and beautiful handmade gifts or cards to brighten the days of others. Painted postcards, ceramics and block printed cards are the most popular charity-centered projects.

3K0A7077 web.jpg

Mindful Abstraction

Take a journey into mindfulness with our modern artist inspired abstraction postcards. Simple repeated shapes result in lovely compositions and a peaceful state of mind. 

Your goals are achievable with our creative events.

Location & Format
Select the location and format that helps you meet your goals within your budget and timeframe.


Creative Recharge

For monthly sessions, remote employees and companies outside the Bay Area find our virtual retreats are an excellent option. 30 minute or 1 hour sessions are delivered to your desktop so your team doesn't need to leave their desks to feel unified. These shared experiences build trust and deeper connections for teams of all sizes,

Teambuilding, art, experiences.

Onsite Retreat

Don't want to leave the office or your own backyard? No problem.

We'll bring the retreat experience to you.

Customize your session for:

• 1 hour creative recharge

• 2 hour creative milestone celebration

• 1-2 hour mindful, creative wellness session

• 2 hour collaborative piece for your office

All options provide individual take-homes for participants.


Destination Retreat

Our team will join you and your group at your next destination retreat. Whether it's in our seaside backyard of Santa Cruz, CA, Yvette's favorite retreat destination in Troncones, Mexico or anywhere else in the world, we'll be there! Work closely with Yvette to customize a series of exercises to enjoy throughout your adventure or a single full/half day session. 

Client Feedback

3K0A7075 web.jpg

Tracey, HR Professional

This is the perfect team building event that takes you outside of your head and into a mindful journey of creativity and collaboration." 


Jenny, Graphic Designer

A wonderful night of team-building and art creating. It felt great to explore with watercolor paints and have a shared experience!

3K0A6978 web.jpg

Amy, Executive Assistant

Our department joined Yvette for a creative recharge and we all agreed that it was the best stress relief we had experienced in a long time!

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