Team Meeting

Creative Team Building

Create art with a memorable on-location or virtual art retreat, designed just for your organization.
From corporations to social clubs, We work with teams of all sizes to curate one-of-a-kind experiences that celebrate your unique style and/or help you achieve your goals.

Creative exercises are for everyone... even for those who say "I'm not an artist."  Creativity and cooperation soar under our warm, friendly lesson delivery. Engagement is high with even the most reluctant artists.

How do creative team building events benefit my team?

- Attract and Retain Employees 

- Elevates confidence

- Facilitate better communication

- Increase Problem-solving 

- Encourage out-of-the-box thinking- Encourage Both Teamwork and Individualism
... and so much more.

What to expect:

- A planning session to discuss your team and its goals, to create a custom workshop for your event
- From 1-hour lessons to dynamic, on-location tropical retreats, anything is possible
- Creative warm-up exercises to smoothly transition from left to right brain
- Creative work time with inspirational guidance 
- Time for sharing and take-aways
* Materials can be provided upon request
* Group size can range from 3 to 100+
* Cost: varies per custom event

Skills your team will practice:
- Trust and Respect 
- Mindfulness
- Creativity

- Communication

Past and current clients include

- Adobe Systems

- ASR; Applied Survey Research

- Cabrillo College

- Premiere Capital One

- Live Like Coco Foundation

- Exponents Custom Modular Exhibits

- Safeway; Pharmacy Division

- County Park Friends of Santa Cruz County

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